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Submit Credit Card Payment

pay for vacation rental with credit card


By submitting your credit card information below, you agree to submit a payment for the amount you specify including a 3.25%  credit card transaction fee.

If you are checking in on the day below or earlier, then you are NOT eligible to make a credit card payment at this time. If it is after this date below, then you may submit a credit card payment.

Credit Card Payment & Cancellation Policy

  1. Mary Allen Realty accepts payment by Check, Zelle, ECheck or Money Order with no fee.
  2. Payment by credit card is offered as a convenience for cardholders/tenants and shall incur a credit card transaction fee. Cardholder/tenant agrees to pay a 3.25% fee per transaction for the convenience of paying by credit card. This fee goes toward paying the credit card transaction fees charged by the credit card merchant.
  3. A cardholder/tenant may cancel a credit card payment at any time preceding the signing of a legally binding and fully executed short-term rental lease agreement signed by both cardholder/tenant and landlord.
  4. In the event a cancellation request is not received by the broker prior to the signing of a fully executed short-term rental lease agreement between cardholder/tenant and landlord, the cancellation request will not be honored, and the disposition of the monies credited to the broker will be governed by the terms of the short-term rental lease agreement between the landlord and the cardholder/tenant.
  5. In no event shall the cancellation period terminate prior to the delivery to the cardholder/tenant of a fully executed short-term rental lease agreement containing the final terms of the lease agreement.
  6. No payment by credit card will be accepted for a short-term rental lease agreement within 30 days of check-in.
  7. Any payment made by credit card must be the entire rental balance. No partial payments are permitted.

Please Note: Upon submission of this page, your payment is not processed immediately or on this website. Instead, your payment details are sent securely to Mary Allen Realty where they can verify that all payment requirements are met. Once they are verified, then your payment will be processed by manual entry into our credit card processing system. There may be a short delay during this verification process from the time you submit this form to the time your payment is formally processed. You will receive an email receipt at the email provided once your payment has been successfully processed.


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