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Mary Allen Realty

Dear Homeowner;

Happy Spring! The arrival of spring brings our pre-season reminder tips to help make this rental season a positive experience for our guests and for you.
Please remember to:

• Have a pre-season thorough cleaning of your property.
• Have your carpets cleaned.
• Have your property pretreated for ants and other pests prior to your first tenants checking in!
• Make sure all of your major systems are in proper working order...ex. A/C, Water Heater, Appliances, Etc.
• Post your Trash and Recycling schedule in an obvious location.
• Make sure you have an adequate amount of Trash & Recycling cans w/lids that are labeled appropriately.
• Make sure your Grill is clean, has a full tank of gas and is located in a safe place. Please leave an extra full tank of gas.
• If you have numerous TV's and numerous remotes for the various TV's, please label the remotes according to the TV it operates.
• WiFi Instructions: Please give details! Network Name? Password?
• Make sure to leave extra light bulbs and batteries.
• If you have a vacancy & decide to use your home, please let us know!
• If you rent a week, it is important to call us immediately so we do not encounter a double booking.
• To view your property online, contact our office for your Listing #. Go to Click on the Go To Rental Listing button at the top of the page and type in your Listing #. You will then be able to view your rented weeks, available weeks, and rental rate for available weeks, bed sizes, amenities, etc. You will find this to be a very useful tool to track your rentals and may save you from having to make unnecessary calls.
• If you have photos you would like updated, please forward them to
• E-mail or call us if you need a new sign on your property.
• We appreciate the opportunity to rent your home.
Considering selling? We would be happy to assist you with a market evaluation and advice should the time come to sell.

Thank you for doing business with our office,